jueves, 29 de agosto de 2013

Miss Aniela & HTC

  El pasado 22 de agosto, en un espectacular evento de moda para la empresa de telefonía  HTC en Londres, nuestro Starlight Dress fué protagonista. Además la presentacion estuvo dirigida por la prestigiosa fotógrafa Miss Aniela, con la que hacia siglos queríamos trabajar

Last August 22, in an awesome fashion event for HTC in London, our Starlight Dress was a protagonist, and it was directed by the wonderful photographer Miss Aniela, with we've wanted to work with for ages.This is what they were explaining of the event:

      "From an awesome event yesterday evening in London for HTC. We presented two fashion set-ups to attendees from fashion blogs and style media including Cosmo, Grazia, Marie Claire, Glamour. We all shot motion image Zoes - three second video clips - with the HTC One. The event was all about giving fun photography tips such as capturing narrative, emotion, movement and detail. This was our extravagant, devilish couture set-up especially to show the low-light capability of the phone. Big thanks HTC and Fever PR for giving us this unique opportunity"
 Model: Eleanor Cooper, Dress:Bibian Blue, Set design: Gary Hitchcock. Hair by Ceri Cushen. MUA-Elbie van Eeden,     Stylist: Minna Attala. Producer: Matt Lennard. Assistants: Tim Matthews, Catherine Jolley Aneil Sharma.

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